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Welcome to the British Commercial Vehicle Museum Trust

This remarkable museum brings the compelling story of commercial vehicles to life. From the bygone days of horse drawn carriages through to the state of the art power trucks you will discover a visually rich array of buses, fire engines, delivery trucks and even a very unique lawnmower.

Adults and children will be captivated by the engaging and entertaining displays that chronicle the evolution of vehicles that are all around us, but are often taken for granted.   
For instance, did you know:

·         that 98% of all goods purchased in Britain are carried by trucks!  
·         Road transport carries over five million people every day!

The Museum also houses an impressive archive preserving  over 256,000 images and incredibly detailed information on Online trading south africa one of the largest manufacturing industries in the UK. This amazing resource has become a gold mine for historians, a lifesaver for Classic vehicle restorers, and a first rate source for capturing a well loved memory. Many images are available to purchase on-line or via the newly refurbished on-site store.

Come and experience a trip down memory lane and gain an increased appreciation for the vehicles that keep our economy moving.

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BCVM Image Database

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